willie gary floridaSince establishing our practice a decade ago, the Willie Gary personal injury law firm has been recognized as one of the most aggressive and prestigious of its type in the southeastern US.  We have been involved in cases throughout Florida as well as outside the state.  As a result of our stellar reputation and our track record of numerous successes, we consider ourselves the premier legal firm of this region.  Furthermore, our experience and expertise has helped us to expand the areas of practice so that we can serve a diverse range of clientele. To support our team of experienced lawyers are the paralegals and administrative staff that ensure that all bases are covered before the case is set for litigation or negotiations. With strong teamwork and close communication amongst our expert lawyers and staff works in our favor each time.

Beyond Personal Injury Law

We do not represent the insurance companies or large corporations.  We are the voice of those individuals who would otherwise be disenfranchised and powerless.  We defend and protect the rights of the person who has been injured in an accident, due to medical malpractice, or because of nursing home abuse. It never hurts to have a knowledgeable lawyer representing your rights. However, the Willie Gary legal team specializes in business law and commercial litigation, discrimination issues, and Worker’s Compensation cases as well.  Regardless of the type of case that we are involved in, we are always focused on a singular purpose – defending and protecting each client’s rights while pursuing justice on their behalf.

Experienced and Skilled Legal Experts

The attorneys of the Willie Gary law firm is experienced and highly knowledgeable in one of the areas mentioned in the prior paragraph.  Whether you need a personal injury lawyer or a legal expert that specializes in commercial litigation, discrimination, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse and neglect, or Worker’s Compensation, we are here to represent you.  Each of our attorneys has a history of numerous successes in the court room or at the negotiating table when representing our clients and seeing that they get the compensation they deserve.

Our firm is not only recognized for its proven track record of success in several legal areas, we are viewed as a legal industry leader based on our dedication to each and every client as well as our professionalism.  The Willie Gary legal team, along with our caring and compassionate staff members, is always prepared to assist you, whether it is with your personal injury claim or any other area of practice that we specialize in.  No matter what type of case we are involved in, from the initial consultation to the award of a settlement, each and every client is given the personal attention and the utmost respect they deserve.

Our Mission

Where our clients are concerned, we are always focused on the pursuit of justice and strive to exceed their expectations.  The Willie Gary legal firm was founded on the vision that every client in a personal injury case should be approached with care and compassion.  They deserve a superior level of quality legal representation, whether settling their claim in court or at the negotiating table.  Consequently, if any client feels that their needs were not addressed or understood we don’t feel that justice was served the way it should have been.

No victory, in or out of court, is complete unless the client feels that they have received the very best legal representation possible.  We approach every client’s problem as though it is ours.  This assures the client that they will not be walking away unsatisfied with the job we have done for them, no matter if the outcome was favorable or not.  We know that the very pulse of our legal firm is the client.  They are not case or file numbers.  They are all individuals who have come to is out of anguish, frustration, and need.  Consequently, we are never satisfied until justice has been served and they receive the compensation they are deserving of. Call us today to discuss your case and we’ll be happy to schedule an appointment.